Piano Lessons:

Have you always wished that you could play the piano? This is my message for you: now is the time to take action toward making that wish a reality. You can learn, and I would be honored to be your teacher and support you every step of the way.

If you're a parent, give your child the gift of a solid musical foundation with piano lessons. No matter what your child goes on to do musically (band, choir, theater, show choir, church music), having a background in piano will give them a competitive advantage as well as allow them to enjoy their music more fully because they will be able to learn more quickly and easily. 

Scheduling and Rates:

For an ideal learning experience, I recommend that students take one lesson per week at a consistent time. I offer 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons, depending on the needs, age, and interests of the student.

Please contact me for more information about availability, rates, and studio policies.



Depending on your needs and goals, lessons may include:

  • Music reading skills
  • How to play in a variety of styles
  • Fundamental piano technique
  • Harmony & music theory
  • Pedaling technique
  • Building repertoire
  • Playing from lead sheets and fake books
  • Singing and playing piano
  • Creating a beautiful and compelling performance

Voice Lessons:

Learn to be more confident in your singing! Find your own unique voice and style. Depending on your needs and goals, lessons may include:

  • Breath control and support
  • Healthy vocal technique
  • Rhythm and phrasing
  • Sight-singing and ear training
  • Range and tone development
  • Building a personal songbook
  • How to sing harmony
  • Performance skills & connecting with your audience




Studio Location:

2075 S. Bascom Avenue                                       Campbell, CA 95008



"I had the privilege of having Sarah as my piano teacher for two years. I cannot express thoroughly enough what an amazing educator she is and how she changed the way I view music. While I was taking lessons I never felt that I had to sit down and practice classical piano. Sarah inspired so much that practicing for her lessons became the highlight of my day. With every beautiful selection of music that I had the privilege of working on, I was anxious to get the notes in my hands as quickly as possible so that we would have the freedom to explore the music in our lessons. The beautiful way in which Sarah views the world is translated into how she sees music. While discussing phrasing and feel, Sarah facilitates the transformation of music becoming something real and meaningful, rather than simply notes on a page. Before my lessons with Sarah, I saw classical music as monotonous and repetitive. Sarah showed me the beauty; and it is now something I will always love."

 --Madeleine Bray, adult student

--Allison, age 5